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FARFETCH Connected Retail

Seamless omnichannel shopping is here to revolutionize your business

Consumer expectations of retail are at an all-time high—as they should be. Shoppers are inundated with requests for their attention, and they demand more than mere extras that barely meet standards around service and convenience. They want to be wowed. And they want connection. Yet, few brands and retailers have mastered the art of providing that elusive omnichannel shopping experience that brings the best of digital and in-person shopping together as one fluid environment. 

Connected Retail by FARFETCH Platform Solutions (FPS) merges the online and offline consumer journey, creating one seamless thread between the digital and the physical worlds so you can engage with shoppers anytime, anywhere. Imagine having a unified vision of your customer—knowing how long they spent in your store, what items they loved, how they browsed online, and what they purchased. That invaluable information is the future of retail.

With FPS’ suite of bespoke apps and immersive digital integrations, we support our partners to develop richer relationships with consumers, optimize the selling footprint, and leverage data to deliver improved experiences. As seen through our work with Browns Fashion and their ‘Store of the Future’, here’s how our Connected Retail offering can revolutionize your business with our technology.

1. InStore App - Unlock a world of retail technology that supports dedicated clienteling

The first of our two applications is an entry level clienteling app dedicated to helping sales teams to elevate the consumer experience and bolster purchasing. By giving your associates insights into consumer shopping preferences, the InStore App allows them to prepare each visit beforehand and contact clients via phone, email and WhatsApp. Staff can reference shopper notes to get a clear customer profile, including their search history, designer preferences, and wishlists. The InStore App allows your team to organically cross-sell and upsell a greater breadth and depth of products to clients as they browse in person when your catalogue and customer data are integrated into the FPS platform.

Sourcing a hard-to-find bag a client loves or locating the last pair of shoes in their size is made easier with full catalog visibility into your stock points directly in the app. And when they’re ready to purchase an item, facilitating checkout is as simple as allowing the buyer to pay by link to finalize their transaction directly on their mobile phone. Personal touches—like offering suggestions while one is still in a dressing room— turn an ordinary shopping trip into a memorable experience that fosters loyalty. 

The InStore App has another layer of service, as it easily connects with other smart devices, like connected displays and fitting room mirrors. By linking this suite of features, this clienteling app diversifies your selling opportunities, as seen with Browns where 14.5% of 2021’s total in-store gross merchandise value (GMV) came from the InStore App, with a nearly 50-50 split between in-store and remote purchases. Spark conversation that leads to conversion using technology that opens the door to your full range of inventory.

What’s beneficial about our clienteling app is that it’s on the same platform as your e-commerce, so it’s quick to build, both implementation and ongoing costs are lower, and it enables a completely unified experience for both admin and sales teams using it. Not only this, but by building your app on the FARFETCH platform you’ll have access to the ongoing evolution of our technology - this is just the beginning for the app, we’ve got so much more to come.

2. Consumer App - Extend the consumer journey by connecting online and in-store

Having your own app for consumers gives them the opportunity to browse and purchase products straight from the palm of their hands. Not only is the FPS Consumer App a channel to encourage product discovery and purchasing, it also gives you a space to connect with your consumers both online and interact in-store. Designed to visually mirror your website experience, shoppers can build wishlists, track orders, and even enable returns. Envisioning your most sought-after items—like jewelry, watches, sneakers, or even makeup — on a customer is as simple as using a virtual try-on feature that transforms any location into an extension of your selling floor.

When consumers are in your store, their unique journey begins with customer arrival push notifications, so your staff are equipped with profile information and ready to help. Each app user will find a myriad of engagement opportunities on the store floor, like scanning products for additional information, seeing their wishlist items in-person, checking in with style advisors, and more. If staff capabilities allow it, your customers can book virtual or in-store sessions with personal shoppers — creating more intimate interactions with your most loyal clients. 

Devoting the time and resources to really building out a high-end app for luxury shoppers is daunting and can be a financial drain. FPS takes the headache and guesswork out of the development with our white-glove offering — helping you get better visibility into how your consumer behaves as they browse on desktop and mobile, and, ultimately, buy. Once it’s live, we’re also here to drive adoption through multi-channel global marketing campaigns via our in-house digital marketing agency. Our teams have a deep understanding of the luxury consumer across all markets, how they like to shop, and how to get their attention.

3. Connected Devices - Promote product discovery through interactivity, self-service and engagement

Our Connected Devices serve as a visual communication tool for brands that illuminates the physical shopping experience with data and insight. Displays on the shopfloor and the mirrors on fitting rooms invite self-guided interaction so consumers can know the latest arrivals and curation, browse and select products to try on, buy, or save on their account for later.

The fitting room mirror gives shoppers confidence in their purchase by exhibiting each item with impactful images, on-model shots, and videos. Answers about in-stock size availability and colorways are discoverable via the mirror, making the user experience informative and intuitive without leaving the privacy of a fitting room.  

Emphasizing complete head-to-toe styling is another key feature of the fitting room mirror. When an item is selected, outfit pairings and accessory styling are suggested as “wear it with” to help extend your brand’s range across departments. Display accessories to match a dress or trousers that pair with a blouse, and increase cross-selling opportunities throughout your store. Even more, the technology empowers sales assistants to provide tailored styling with enhanced storytelling about brands, collections, and products. 

Connected displays bring the breadth of online shopping in-store through product curation, giving brands an additional personalized platform to communicate their identity and unique point of view.

Why FARFETCH Platform Solutions?

Choosing FPS as your Connected Retail partner delivers industry-leading expertise and advice in the world of luxury experiences. So whether you’re looking to not just adapt, but thrive, in light of the pandemic’s digital acceleration, or are trying to reach a new generation with a transformational shopping experience — FPS is here to help. Fuse the magic of your physical and online shopping experience through our technology platform that is actively shaping the future of retail. 

For more information or to find out more about our Connected Retail solutions, contact us here.


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