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Farfetch Platform Solutions


We’re reimagining the luxury retail experience through the use of technology to create seamless, connected customer journeys that blend the best of online and physical shopping. Learn more about our Luxury New Retail vision for brands and retailers and see how this has come to life at the new Browns flagship boutique.

This site and the related Luxury New Retail video contain forward-looking statements. For more information please see the forward-looking statement legend.

We have a vision for the evolution of luxury retail: to drive the transformation of the entire industry by creating a truly personal and personalised shopping experience that does not separate the online and offline, but brings the two harmoniously together to connect with the customer – wherever they are.  

See what the Browns’ interpretation of a Luxury New Retail experience looks like in their new flagship boutique, delivered through the full suite of FARFETCH Platform Solutions products and technologies to construct a compelling customer journey.

Explore the technology in detail below, which is now available to all partners.

The FARFETCH technology enabling the Browns connected experience

Browns Consumer App

The Browns app acts as the gateway to the connected experience. It allows customers to be inspired and to discover the full Browns’ universe both in-store and remotely. Using the Browns app out of the store allows customers to: 

  • Browse the full Browns catalogue
  • Virtually try on sneakers and watches
  • Book virtual or physical appointments
  • Share Wishlists with stylists
  • Use visual search to find similar items
  • Browse and book events
Woman using app on mobile phone in store
Woman using the store app on mobile phone

In the store, the app enriches the shopping experience using unique features to bring the boutique to life with a digital layer. Using the Browns app in-store allows customers to:

  • Check-in to the store for a differentiated experience 
  • Connect with sales associates using a personal QR code 
  • View items in Wishlist that are in store
  • Engage with and view location-specific content

InStore App

A dedicated app for sales associates acts as a connector across the online and in-store experience, enabling sales associates to: 

  • Connect to customer profiles
  • Access a single view of global stock and inventory 
  • Send product recommendations to the customer and to connected mirrors
  • Manage store operations
  • Facilitate payments and manage customer orders
  • Arrange video styling appointments
InStore app on mobile
InStore app on mobile

Connected Mirrors

The interactive touch-screen mirrors in each fitting room facilitate inspiration and discovery of products in an immersive and engaging way to:  

  • Enrich product storytelling 
  • Offer multiple outfit views
  • Provide visibility on sizing and availability
  • Make product recommendations


The FARFETCH Smart Tag* is the in-store technology of tomorrow that acts as the “offline cookie” to complete a 360° view of the customer. FARFETCH Smart Tags capture customer interactions with products to enable brands and retailers to:

  • Serve contextual information about products to enrich storytelling and immersive experiences 
  • Optimise layouts and merchandise and assortment planning
  • Facilitate deep personalisation across marketing, clienteling and CRM using instore data to complete a full view of the customer
  • Support in-store security and inventory management

*FARFETCH Smart Tags will be available for commercial roll-out early 2022

woman scanning the farfetch smart-tags in-store

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