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How E-Concessions can unlock a world of luxury inventory

With just a single integration

The future of luxury retail demands digital integration. As trends accelerate and consumer behavior shifts, luxury brands and retailers alike need to be able to meet consumer needs with ease. FARFETCH Platform Solutions’ E-Concessions model is designed to help both luxury brands and retailers thrive in this new era of retail. Through a single integration to our platform, this innovative online concession model unlocks new sales opportunities for brands, allowing you to control your product and positioning. For retailers, you can entice consumers with a wider variety of inventory without the commitment and risks associated with traditional wholesale models. 

So, what exactly is FPS E-Concessions and how can you become part of our platform of world-class brands and retailers? Learn more about the specific benefits of E-Concessions for brands and retailers, and how FPS can be your trusted E-Concessions partner. 

What are E-Concessions?

E-Concessions are a digital concession model. Similar to physical retail concessions, where a brand can set up and manage its own space within a store, E-Concessions enables brands to sell directly to consumers online via a retailer’s website.

How is E-Concessions different from wholesale?

Traditional wholesale models require brands to sell large amounts of inventory to a retailer, retaining little control over pricing, merchandising, and ultimately, their strategy. For retailers, this previous industry standard meant taking on the risk and commitment of physical inventory with little opportunity for a diverse product assortment. 

Luxury retail has, in many ways, evolved beyond the wholesale model, as some of the largest luxury brands and multi-brand retailers have adopted E-Concessions. Through E-Concessions, brands hold and control their physical inventory and ship directly from their store or warehouse. Retailers use E-Concessions to minimize the risk and responsibilities associated with physical inventory while maximizing choices for their consumers through a greater variety of products. 

What is FPS E-Concessions?

FPS E-Concessions is a digital sales model that connects brands to the world’s most renowned retailers in luxury, and allows retailers to unlock direct access to the unparalleled network of luxury brands selling on FPS E-Concessions acts as the connective thread between brands and retailers— enabling them to bring more variety, service, and convenience to their consumers worldwide.

As part of our platform, brands and retailers can discover consumer insights using data collected along every step of the consumer journey—giving a cohesive view of their E-Concessions business. Understanding how their target audience shops, what brands they want and what items they’re searching for. 

Connecting brands to more selling opportunities spurs growth. Connecting retailers to a wider variety of enticing brands increases revenue. But just as important, connecting consumer demand and access to supply is the future of luxury new retail. 

How will FPS E-Concessions benefit my brand?

E-Concessions allows your brand to realize your true selling potential by unlocking new sales channels on the FPS platform. E-Concessions works with brands through a single, simple integration that is powered entirely by FPS - one unified platform with countless selling opportunities. Along with shipping orders directly from your store or warehouse, your brand can: 

  • Retain greater control over your pricing and how merchandise is sold to specific retailers and their consumers. 
  • Scale at your own pace. Grow your sales strategically and engage with new consumers along the way. 
  • Reduce the risks of widespread inventory across multiple retailers, sites, and stores. 
  • View your business more holistically. Use FPS technology to better understand the consumer journey through multiple touchpoints.  
  • Gain access to the world’s most celebrated retailers and coveted luxury consumers.

How can FPS E-Concessions help me as a multi-brand retailer?

As a luxury multi-brand retailer, you can offer a broader and richer product assortment with ease—without the financial and physical commitment of brand inventory. FPS E-Concessions grants you instant access to a wider range of more diverse products globally, elevating the shopping experience for both new and existing consumers. Luxury retailers can give consumers more of what they want, when they want it—no matter where they are located.

  • Get unrivaled access to hundreds of luxury brands through one platform integration.
  • Gain access to the most current brands and collections to keep up with ever-changing trends and evolving customer needs. 
  • Connect to readily-available inventory, minimizing the risks involved with housing physical products in multiple locations.
  • Ensure your inventory is housed in the right locations through optimized order allocation using FPS E-Concessions data. Deliver orders placed both online and in-store, quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage multiple brand integrations and inventory systems through one single platform.
  • Understand how your consumers prefer to shop and the brands or items they desire most with our platform insights and data.

How do you implement FPS E-Concessions and who operates it? 

FPS E-Concessions is a white label digital service that allows you to control every aspect of your E-Concessions business through one simple integration that is managed by our team.

Contact us to find out more about how we operate the platform. 

Will I be able to gain access to consumer insights?

FPS technology provides key commercial insights and data to give you a holistic view of how your E-Concessions business is performing. We leverage our technology to collect and connect the dots across multiple data touchpoints. We go beyond discovering who is buying what and where to understand the nuances of consumer motivation, engagement, and even intent to purchase. These benchmarks of connected commerce help give luxury brands and retailers visibility into the mindset of their consumers online and in-store. 

These powerful insights can be used to inform your commercial strategy and can provide you with the tools needed to create a more personalized luxury service for your audience at every step of the consumer journey.

How do I find out more about E-Concessions by FPS?

Contact us to find out more about how FARFETCH Platform Solutions can integrate E-Concessions into your business. 


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