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Luxury consumers expect an elevated online experience, making seamless logistics mandatory for any company operating on a global level. When considering how to integrate or upgrade your global logistics offerings, it’s important to understand there is no one size fits all approach. 

At FARFETCH, our unique answer to global logistics is rooted in our success. In 2021, had more than 1,000 integrated retail partners and more than 9 million orders shipped to 195 countries. That tested, unparalleled expertise and knowledge is now available to our brand and retail partners through FARFETCH Platform Solutions (FPS). Logistics by FPS powers our bespoke end-to-end logistics experience that will fuel your international growth.

Ease and flexibility sit at the heart of the FPS platform. As your partner, we offer cross-border retail supply chain answers for every stage of the logistics process—all through a single integration. Our flexibility allows us to customize your solution, whether you’re in need of an all-encompassing logistics resource or choosing one of our modular services that fit the size and needs of your specific business. There’s a data-backed solution suited for every luxury business, including yours. 

1. FPS Logistics Pro: Your end-to-end logistics solution

FPS Logistics Pro is our white glove offering that covers the entire scope of the cross-border process. Together we develop a plan to help you increase demand as you grow your consumer base, leverage new sales opportunities, and fulfill international orders with a single integration to our platform. If you’re looking for a complete end-to-end solution, this is your answer. 

But, the value in FPS Logistics Pro extends beyond global supply chain and shipping logistics. Our best-in-class customer service benefits your consumers, too. We deliver a translated checkout with seamless shipping and hassle-free returns, without hidden fees or cumbersome paperwork. Because, to us, the consumer experience is paramount.  

As our top-tier offering, FPS Logistics Pro is ideal for brands with an established e-commerce site looking for a true logistics partner that specializes in high-end operations and high-value merchandise that require an added layer of administration (think the intricacies of navigating shipping in and out of Asian markets like South Korea). Luxury consumers expect transparency with everything from pricing to tracking throughout the delivery journey and even with the process of returns. This solution enables brands and retailers to grow, transact, and fulfill orders worldwide with agility and ease.

For your business, the payoff of selecting this all-in model is twofold. You’re relieving common logistical pain points and giving your staff much-needed breathing room— freeing up time and resources for other efforts, like engaging key international markets like China (and if you need support with marketing in China, just contact our team of experts).

2. FPS International Checkout: Delivering a transparent checkout experience

FPS International Checkout is an ideal modular solution if your supply chain is well-established with a third-party fulfillment supplier. Your resource may cover shipping, order management, and keeping your stock in their warehouses—but the checkout experience is lacking and needs to match your luxury positioning. This particular offering creates a harmonious integration of checkout and order processing to provide a localized experience from anywhere in the world. Simply put: We manage the payment and you tackle delivery.

Establishing localized websites and handling global payments, along with the associated duties and taxes, can be confusing. The FPS advantage is that our global logistics solutions easily blend with your business’ visual identity and current fulfillment suppliers. Additionally, our translated checkout experience adapts to local currencies, so your consumer will receive a truly localized checkout experience anytime anywhere. 

We know and understand the importance of having pre-calculated duties and taxes synced with your product catalog to avoid unnecessary surprise prices at checkout, especially for the luxury consumer. Does your e-commerce site have a high abandoned cart rate? Seeing the cost of duties and taxes as a line item at checkout could be to blame. Integrated pricing via our solution can help. 

3. FPS Fulfillment: Handling orders post-payments

FPS Fulfillment simplifies order management with easy e-commerce integration, warehouse fulfillment, delivery, and returns. With FPS as your fulfillment partner, you’d benefit from the same negotiated rates with delivery giants that we do at FARFETCH and offer competitive shipping to your consumer. Like with FPS Logistics Pro, this logistics solution unlocks access to our global warehouses in key locations in addition to your own, adding flexibility to your supply chain and reducing international shipping costs and delivery times. Orders are managed and fulfilled directly from your brand’s stock point to make inventory tracking smooth. You take the payment and we manage the rest. 

Once an order is placed, we update your consumer through every step of the journey, ensuring they’re never left wondering when a package will arrive or if it will be held up in customs. Returns happen, and when they do, FPS has international luxury delivery solutions ready to ensure they’re as hassle-free as possible for all parties involved. For your shopper, this means using our self-service returns portal, never worrying about unnecessary duties forms, and, in select countries, having a courier pick up the return from their residence. 

Top-tier fashion companies need a global logistics partner that’s rooted in luxury. There are three key differentiators in choosing Logistics by FPS. First, FARFETCH has been running an international retail e-commerce destination since 2008—passing our wellspring of industry-tested knowledge to our brand and retail partners. Next, working with FPS is seamless: We meet you where you are on your logistics journey and integrate with your current suppliers. And finally, our flexible business offerings go beyond acting as a shipping partner. Working with FPS means we’re your business partner with deep knowledge and time-tested expertise. As a luxury brand, you know the importance and urgency of logistics more than anyone. That’s why our customizable solutions tailored to your needs are ready to implement now. 

For more information or to find out more about our logistics solution, contact us.


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