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What is E-Concessions?

Learn how Harrods sells Burberry, Zegna, and Gucci with no inventory costs

For most luxury brands and retailers, relying on legacy retail models like wholesale and direct-to-consumer (DTC) is no longer enough to keep pace with changing consumer demand.

At FARFETCH Platform Solutions, we designed our E-Concessions model to help the luxury industry thrive in this new era of retail. Through a single integration, our innovative commerce model unlocks access to luxury inventory by streamlining operations, reducing risk, and elevating experiences for brands and retailers alike.

So, what is E-Concessions exactly? Let's look at how it works and why it's defining luxury commerce.

What is E-Concessions?

Unlike traditional wholesale, E-Concession connects multi-brand retailers with products without inventory and warehousing risk, and grants brands full control of their customer journeys, products, and pricing.

How Does FPS E-Concessions Work?

Our E-Concessions offering is the only E-Concessions model built for the luxury industry. The packaged suite of solutions is designed to connect the most successful multi-brand retailers with inventory from the best luxury brands in the world. Our solutions combine the best of E-Concessions with luxury industry standards to power elevated experiences for brands, retailers, and their customers. 

How will FPS E-Concessions benefit my brand?

Our E-Concessions suite opens new doors for brands to expand their distribution strategies while maintaining full control over their experiences. By retaining ownership of their assortment selection, product information, pricing, promotions, and markdowns, brands can expand their reach and boost sales while keeping close control of their image.

With the power of the FARFETCH Group at our fingertips, we connect luxury brands to hundreds of multi-brand boutiques and department stores, including Harrods and Browns. Through one single integration, brands can upload their inventory to these retailers’ eCommerce platforms and meet their global luxury customers wherever they’re shopping.

How will FPS E-Concessions help me as a multi-brand retailer?

As a multi-brand retailer, our E-Concessions suite connects you to luxury inventory from over 500 of the world’s leading luxury brands from 1,000+ stockpoints. Without requiring you to purchase inventory or manage warehousing and logistics, our solutions reduce your costs, risk, and operational effort.

In addition to streamlining retailers' buying processes, our E-Concessions suite grants their customers greater access to the latest trends from their favorite brands and designers at speeds far more reactive than the traditional seasonal commerce model. 

We’ve pioneered E-Concessions for fashion’s best luxury retailers, including Harrods, the world’s most famous department store. Through our partnership, Harrods gained direct integrations with 10+ global brands, including Burberry, Gucci, and Zegna.

How can I measure the success of E-Concessions?

Our technology unlocks key commercial insight and data to provide our partners with a holistic view of how their E-Concessions business is performing. We collect and connect the dots across multiple data touchpoints that go beyond discovering who is buying what to give luxury businesses visibility into the mindset of their customers and create personalized luxury experiences at every step of their consumer journeys.

How do I find out more about E-Concessions by FPS?

Contact us to find out more about how FARFETCH Platform Solutions can integrate E-Concessions into your business. 


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