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Known for their craftsmanship in coat making, Mackintosh was looking to develop their editorial and video content strategy. The influential brand wanted to create videos that would drive user engagement, help product discovery as well as improve consumer data and insights.

Previous solutions used by Mackintosh did not have in-video shopping or an immersive customer experience so the brand were searching for a stronger tech solution.

“We’re thrilled to have found an interactive video solution that specializes in the luxury segment and that can be organically embedded into" Adam Andréasson Digital Manager, Mackintosh


Through our network of ecosystem partners we worked with video platform Smartzer to introduce Shoppable Videos to their online experience. Mackintosh saw this as an opportunity to build out and grow their video content strategy all whilst gaining access into rich consumer data.

For viewers, the in-video shopping feature created a seamless and immersive experience, allowing consumers to access product information and shop directly from the video with no interruptions to the user journey.

For Mackintosh, this would be a user-friendly, straightforward video editor built with an analytics dashboard for monitoring and reviewing content performance.

Smartzer is part of our network of ecosystem partners that are integrated into the FARFETCH Platform. Through this network we are able to offer a wider variety of capabilities and services to our customers.


The first video reached 1200 daily views in the first month alone

51% engagement rate, which exceeded the luxury segment benchmark of 30-38%.

15% click-through rate, enabling viewers to explore items directly from video (vs. 12-15% benchmark)

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