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Three ways FARFETCH Platform Solutions powers resale for luxury brands

Over the next three years, the global resale market is anticipated to grow 127%, three times faster than the overall apparel market. For luxury brands, this means there’s never been a better time to build and scale their resale businesses.

Circular fashion economies come in two primary forms: peer-to-peer platforms and managed marketplaces – like ours at FARFETCH. The FARFETCH Marketplace unveiled FARFETCH Second Life in 2020, a resale purchasing offering created for second-hand designer bags.

After launching Second Life, FARFETCH recorded a 17% increase in new users. And, when given site credit in exchange for their second hand items, shoppers spent 60% more than their average order on the marketplace. 

This success and the continued growth of the global resale market inspired our team at FARFETCH Platform Solutions (FPS) to expand our own offerings. In 2021, we acquired Luxclusif, a tried and tested resale platform to bring leading luxury experiences to the secondhand market.

In this guide to resale, we’ll outline three key solutions Luxclusif offers FPS-partnered luxury brands: 

Create a Trade-In Program

Our white-label Trade-In Program bridges the gap between sellers’ luxury closets and a pool of potential new buyers. 

With this offering, the owner of a Gucci Marmont bag can have their item purchased outright by a retailer for site credit—driving retention and encouraging seller repurchasing. 

Luxclusif’s platform is a one-stop service that appraises, authenticates, and acquires the item outright. Encouraging loyalty, especially as you build authority within the circular economy, is essential to growth. 43% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that lets them trade in pre-owned clothes for credit. Further, consumers want to engage with brands that offer resale – especially if the payoff is immediate.

Our technology makes it possible for us to sell each second-hand item to our network of external buyers through a multi-bidding model, powering purchase rates and pay-out or credit to your customers.

With FPS, your trade-in program can operate on a global scale from the start. We provide you with the infrastructure to launch a branded solution, take care of the operational process, and assume the commercial risk. Our end-to-end servicing ranges from tech integration within your store’s backend to appraisal, logistics, and warehousing. 

As evidenced by our successful trade-in programs on, and in partnership with Selfridges, we prioritize maintaining the luxury experience every step of the process.

Sell Pre-Owned Luxury

Whether you’re launching a new pre-owned offering or growing your existing business, brands have unparalleled access to our globally sourced collection through our Sell Pre-Owned Luxury Program. Our expert buyers discover and vet more than 3,000 sought-after items per month, providing you with a continuous supply of new inventory to attract second-hand buyers.

One integration gives instant access to an expansive selection of pre-owned luxury with reduced purchasing risks. Brands retain control of their assortment by selecting which pre-authenticated, high-ticket items they wish to sell. API integration then connects the dots to ensure a seamless shopping experience. 

We work with each brand and retailer to determine the best process for their business and customers. While a brand might approach us and request pre-owned luxury items from their labels, retailers may prefer to hand over a designer brand or category wishlist for our procurement team to source items that fit their predetermined requirements. 

Once items are sourced, we see them through to delivery. Thanks to our network of global warehouses, we seamlessly connect brands and retailers with B2C channels globally, enabling rapid sales integration both online and in-store. 

Our Sell Pre-Owned Luxury Program has a sell-through rate of 85% and a take-back guarantee, meaning you can stock high-ticket items from brands like Chanel, Off-White, or Thom Browne with little risk. 

Develop a New Sales Avenue

What do you do when you need to expand the reach of your inventory beyond a single season? Our third resale solution capitalizes on this excess inventory without losing brand equity. 

New Sales Avenue enables brands to sell end-of-season inventory through our selection of offline and online resale channels. Luxclusif breathes new life into excess luxury supply by introducing it to an untapped audience. Together with luxury brands and retailers, we create tailored, multichannel sales strategies and distribution plans that lead them to their ultimate goals.

Maintaining brand integrity is essential – especially in the luxury and resale markets. Our New Sales Avenue offering unlocks data-backed pricing and allocation rules that work for your brand through a single, simple integration. This model curates a personalized selection sourced from over 100 of our retail partners.

We handle the full spectrum of logistics and the entire supply chain including the sale and post-sale process. Through this model, partners of all sizes have been able to sell 70% of their excess items within just two months. 

As the global platform for Luxury New Retail, FPS also unlocks tricky international markets. In regions like China, for example, translations, online activations, and a new playbook for marketing activations prevent brands from scaling globally. FPS empowers brands to sidestep these hurdles without losing sight of authenticity, brand values, or efficiency.   

Our plug-and-play technology makes integrating a resale model easy and saves retailers and brands from having to compromise on their experiences. Our partnerships help seize the opportunities the luxury resale market provides and create bespoke solutions that align with luxury consumer’s needs today, and their expectations tomorrow. 

For more information on our luxury resale solutions, Contact us.


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